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HeartCentric Divine Creations

High Vibe Dragon Pendulum

High Vibe Dragon Pendulum

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This High Vibe Dragon pendulum is surely a one of a kind piece, beautifully hand-crafted by HeartCentric Divine Creations! Uniquely designed using jade, white quartz, lava stone and clear quartz. Jade promotes stability, longevity, fertility, wisdom, serenity, and harmony. White quartz increases tranquility, calm, emotional and mental balance. Lava stone enhances dreamwork, creativity and cleansing negativity. Clear quartz assists in creating harmony, energy, healing, psychic abilities and clarity. This ethereal pendulum aligns with Angel Number 333. You are being called to commit yourself to your personal and spiritual development. Use your gifts and talents to assist others! Angel Numbers carry divine guidance and carry a specific vibrational meaning.


  • Natural Stones
  • Natural Crystals


Approximately 10-12 Inches

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