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HeartCentric Divine Creations

Earth's Magic Pendulum

Earth's Magic Pendulum

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Your Earth's Magic pendulum is most certainly one of a kind! Carefully hand-crafted by HeartCentric Divine Creations out of sodalite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, quartz and green aventurine. The healing properties of sodalite enhance logic, intelligence, emotional balance, intuition, clarity and truth. Lapis lazuli promotes truth, power, love, purification, intuition and self confidence. Amethyst aids in meditation, balance and spiritual awareness. Quartz offers harmony, energy, healing, psychic abilities, clarity and calmness. Green aventurine enhances independence, prosperity, career success and balance. This amazing piece is complimentary with Angel Number 555. You are about to experience exciting, positive changes that will transform your life!


  • Natural Stones
  • Natural Crystals


Approximately 10-12 Inches

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