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HeartCentric Divine Creations

Ancient Ankh Pendulum

Ancient Ankh Pendulum

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HeartCentric Divine Creations hand-crafted this unique Ancient Ankh pendulum out of labradorite, onyx, fancy jasper, lava stone and cloudy quartz. Labradorite brings out inner wisdom, clarity and higher purpose alignment. Onyx aids in strength, stamina, constancy, durability and self control. Fancy jasper enhances contentment, compassion, nurturing and tranquility. Lava stone pulls in dreamwork, enhances creativity while cleansing negativity. Cloudy quartz promotes harmony, energy, healing, psychic abilities and clarity. This powerful piece is complimentary with Angel Number 555. You are about to experience exciting, positive changes that will transform your life! Spend time forming a bond with this pendulum, and find the divine within.


  • Natural Stones
  • Natural Crystals


Approximately 10 to 12 Inches

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